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The Story So Far...

Many small businesses were born during the "interesting" Covid times and Angry Sauces was one of them!

Somewhere amid Covid, a pregnancy, lockdown, furlough, moving house and a newborn, a hot sauce was made and gifted to a chilli loving relative. It was jokingly labelled "Angry {first name here}" as this person was known to have a little bit of a fiery (but harmless) temper! It was received exceedingly well, thus, the seed of an idea and name "Angry Sauces" was born...

Fast forward a couple of years and we now have a fantastic customer base, a collaboration sauce with the Chilli Pepper Seed Exchange UK, a wonderful social following and great connections with local charities, schools, caterers and event organisers. It's still early days, but we are so excited for what the future will bring!

Who are we?

Photo of Anthony and Abbie, the company's team

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Anthony is our Chef and flavour genius, with over 15 years of professional cooking experience.

Realising his passion for cooking from a young age, he left school and attended culinary college. After working across a variety of different venues, he now works for the London Fire Brigade training centre where Angry Sauces have become a massive hit. They've made their way across the whole of London and further, standing pride of place in every fire station!


Who better to attest to the fire inside our sauces than firefighters? 🔥


Supporting Anthony in his venture is Abbie, Anthony's partner and resident sauce tester.


Abbie looks after social communications, the website, the business event calendar, sticker sticking, running the competitions and giveaways.

As she loves a chat, she can often be found wo-manning the stall at events and won't let you pass by without trying at least one of our samples by brandishing a breadstick 🥖 but don't be shy, come and say hi!

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